Sausage Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Do you ever play the game, what would your last meal be? I find it fascinating to hear what my friends and family would choose as their final bit of satiation on this planet. I find that most people choose nostalgic meals from their youth, things their parents made often, or guilty pleasure fast food items! 
Mine would be a bagel breakfast sandwich.

When I realized that there was a decent egg substitute available in Whole Foods called Just Egg, I was so excited to try it out on a bagel and make a decent vegan version of one of my all time favorite foods. I paired the Just Egg scrambled eggs with Gimme Lean veggie breakfast sausage patties and my go-to Daiya cheese shreds (a slice would’ve been better but I only had shreds in the fridge). Of course we had our sausage egg and cheese sandwiches on everything bagels because… duh! Doesn’t even need an explanation.

Quick moment to say: hallelujah for excellent vegan substitutes in grocery stores! I feel so lucky to live in a time and place of history where veganism is so important to so many people, and common enough to be commercially successful in mainstream supermarkets.

I honestly can’t explain why I love sausage egg and cheese bagel sandwiches so much, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself and let me know how you feel about them!

2 everything bagels, halved and toasted
1 cup Just Egg
2 Gimme Lean veggie breakfast sausage
1/3 cup vegan cheese (or two slices)

In a medium skillet over medium heat, add Just Egg and scramble just like an egg (scrape from the bottom and sides, and flip as necessary, to make sure everything is evenly cooked). Meanwhile, form the veggie sausage “meat” into thin round patties and cook in another skillet over medium high heat for 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. To build the sandwich, place the sausage on the bottom half of the bagel, top with a heavy sprinkling of cheese, add half of the cooked scrambled “egg”, and top with the other bagel half. Press down to melt the cheese — I even like to wrap mine up in foil for 5 minutes to make sure it all melts together and is ooey gooey when I bite into it. Some people like to add ketchup to theirs, but I prefer the pure S-E-C trio! Enjoy!

Makes 2 sandwiches

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