Meet Alison

A vegetarian for 9 years and a vegan/flex-vegan for 4 years, I have always been interested in what nourishes my body and how it affects the world around me. I taught myself the basics of cooking out of necessity in graduate school; now a few years later, I am beginning to expand on those basics into the world of spices, sauces, flavors, and vegan cooking techniques. Also, my non-vegan hubby inspires me to learn new things as I strive to find filling, wholesome vegan recipes that can satisfy his appetite. I’m not an expert in vegan lifestyle, I just avoid animal products as best I can. And I’m here to show you that you don’t have to eat fancy or complicated food if you decide to become vegan(ish).

I am happy to be chronicling our struggles and triumphs as we do our best to craft healthy-ish, vegan-ish, and easy (no -ish!) meals during our busy lives. I hope this serves as a reminder that not everything we eat has to be perfect, and that we all deserve to be a little easier on ourselves.

Contact Me

Instagram: @imperfectvegan_
Pinterest: An Imperfect Vegan
Twitter: @imperfectvegan_

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