Crunchwrap Supreme

Taco Bell used to be my favorite fast food restaurant, and it still is hubby’s favorite. It’s two blocks from our apartment so there are many late nights that he grabs something from “tacob” for dinner on his way home. It’s always delicious (the bean burrito still satisfies me sometimes) and it’s always affordable (hubby can get a filling dinner for $5). For a special treat, I thought I’d try to replicate a Taco Bell staple: the Crunchwrap Supreme. And while I was at it, I figured I’d make it a bit healthier and (obviously) plant-based. 
It was surprisingly simple to make. The hardest part was the folding part, but even that was pretty easy! And they took literally fifteen minutes from start to finish. We were so excited at how quick they were to make, we went back and whipped up a third one to split after we were both done our firsts! The crunch of the corn tostada in the center and the crispiness of the outer flour tortilla takes this up a notch from a regular ol’ burrito or taco.

3 large flour tortillas
2 corn tostadas (or corn tortillas baked until crispy)
1 package Gardein The Ultimate Beefless Ground, frozen
1/2 package taco seasoning
1/3 cup Daiya mozzarella shreds
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1 cup chopped iceberg lettuce
3 Tbsp salsa, plus more for serving

Add frozen beefless ground to a large skillet with 1 Tbsp salsa and taco seasoning. Stir and cook on medium high for about five minutes or until warmed through. Add a Tbsp of water if it gets too dry and sticks to the pan. To assemble the Crunchwrap supremes, place a layer of the cooked beefless ground in the center of a flour tortilla and sprinkle it with a layer of Daiya. Top the beefless ground and Daiya with a corn tostada (or baked tortilla). Then spread 1 Tbsp salsa over the tostada and top with chopped lettuce and tomatoes. Tear a small piece of another flour tortilla and place it in the center, and then fold the edges of the large flour tortilla up around it. Carefully place the tortilla fold side down in a preheated skillet on medium high. Hold it down with a spatula until the underside is browned. Then flip and repeat on the other side until browned. Serve with additional salsa and vegan sour cream if you’ve got it. 
Makes 2 crunchwrap supremes

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